What Does It Mean For Me When A Car Manufacturer Stops Making My Car?

Toyota No Longer Making Scion Brand Vehicles


With Toyota’s recent announcement that are going to be dropping the popular Scion brand, many Scion car owners are left with quite a few very important questions. The biggest one of them all, is “How is this going to affect me?”.

There are a couple of things to factor in here, as Toyota has announced that they will be dropping the brand, but rebadging many of the models, which simply means that Toyota will keep making some of the cars, but under the Toyota brand instead. For people wondering if they will still be able to get service for their cars, undoubtedly the answer is yes. Most car manufactures keep replacement parts and engines for production cars for a number of years even after they stop making them. They understand that people will still be looking to service these vehicles and are still willing to sell goods and services even after the cars are no longer being made. Usually these supply chains will last for a limited number of years, so while it may be easy to find parts for a few short years, long term it may not be tenable to maintain a Scion model.


Toyota No longer Producing Scions Will Affect Certain Car Model’s Value

Occasionally other manufacturers will step in and make parts that fit people’s needs but these are either going to somewhat expensive or difficult to obtain, so maintenance could become a very real issue down the road. Realistically and most importantly this may affect the resale value of some of the Scion models. The Scion models that Toyota will continue to produce under the Toyota brand, will not see much change in their values, but the cars that they choose not to reproduce will be affected.

As they stop producing some of the cars, it will be harder and harder to service and maintain those vehicles, and this will certainly affect certain car values and not in a positive way. Before you get your hopes up about turning a Scion into a collector’s car, know that most cars take up to 20 years in order to be considered collectibles and there has to be an element of demand. Scions were produced in such mass quantities that we don’t think that there will be a considerable collectors market for the cars even 20 years from now, but who knows? Either way a safe bet would be to get your car appraised and weigh your options.

If you currently own a Scion model that is going to be discontinued it would be wise to get your car appraised sooner rather than later, and see what options you have available to you. As dealerships across the country stop doing service and moving towards other models, it may become more and more expensive to maintain a car that is losing value far more rapidly than a similar car from a different manufacturer.

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