People Are Saying Really Fantastic Things About CarDrop’s Car Buying Services

So here’s the scenario you find yourself in: you have a car you need to sell, and you’re used to only have two options: sell privately or trade it in at the car dealership. Car Drop is proud to offer people a third option that is better, easier, and doesn’t require you to buy  a car. Our car buying services are open to anyone looking to sell any kind of vehicle in palm beach county, are fast, fair, and free.  Most people don’t realize that selling a car privately can be such a hassle. Selling a car privately certainly CAN net you more money, but that doesn’t mean that you WILL get more money for your vehicle.

Dealer trade ins are a joke because you’re not quite sure what you’re getting value-wise for your car, and on top of it-you’re buying something from the dealer. So who knows if the dealer is just shuffling numbers around, playing shell-games,  and actually offering you fair value for the car.

Car Buying Services Palm Beach County

Selling your car to a qualified, licensed, and insured car buying service like CarDrop is your safest and best bet to get the most value for selling your car. Why? Our offer doesn’t require you to buy or do anything else. We don’t sell cars to the public, and therefore the number that we give you is the number you’re getting. Our car buying service is the most straightforward way to sell your car in Palm Beach County!

Boynton Beach Car Buying Service Company

The advantages of our car buying service as opposed to selling privately are similarly straightforward. We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured car dealer with the state of Florida, so you can be assured that all DMV reporting and legal requirement for selling your car are satisfied. Another factor that cannot be overstated is the convenience of our car buying ; walk in get your car appraised and walk out money in hand, all in the same visit. Selling a car privately can take months, using our car buying service, start to finish can take 20 minutes.


Listen to what one of our customers recently said about our car buying services.

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